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About us

Charming Malaysia is a trading company that offers the brand new Instant 3 in 1 Coffee Tea (Cham) to customers.

Our Company Value


Fast & Quick

We hope that our customers will be able to try our products in the shortest time.



We never cease to learn & evolve into the company we desire.


Always delicious

We will never stop inventing more delicious beverages.


Our Vision

  • Promote our beverages to everyone.

  • Bring our Cham's aroma and tastiness to everyone’s home.

Our Objective

  • Assure that our product is simply accessible to every customer.

  • Get our product in stores.

  • Expand our product throughout Malaysia.

  • Get more people to embrace the flavour of coffee and tea.


Meet our CEO

“My friends introduced me to their favourite drink that is usually found in Kopitiam called “Cham”, a combination of coffee and milk tea. I’ve never heard of this drink before, but after I tasted it, I immediately fell in love with its aromatic flavours and decided to create my version of “Cham” for all Malaysians. I hope to bring this flavour into everyone’s home.”

Muhammad Aliff bin Mohd Yusoff

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