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About us

Charming Malaysia is a trading company that offers the brand new

Instant 3 in 1 Coffee Tea to customers.

Our Company Value

Fast & Quick

We hope that our customers will be able to try our products in the shortest time.


We prioritize innovation and are constantly improving our products and processes.


We never cease to learn & evolve into the company we desire.

Always delicious

We will never stop inventing more delicious beverages.


Our Vision

  • Promote our beverages to everyone.

  • Bring our Coffee Tea's aroma and tastiness to everyone’s home.

Our Objective

  • Assure that our product is simply accessible to every customer.

  • Get our product in stores.

  • Expand our product throughout Malaysia.

  • Get more people to embrace the flavour of coffee and tea.


Meet our CEO

“My friends introduced me to their favourite drink that is usually found in Kopitiam called “Cham”, a combination of coffee and milk tea. I’ve never heard of this drink before, but after I tasted it, I immediately fell in love with its aromatic flavours and decided to create my version of “Cham” for all Malaysians. I hope to bring this flavour into everyone’s home.”

Muhammad Aliff bin Mohd Yusoff

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