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The No.1 "Cham" in Malaysia

over 1 year of taste research

since 2020

What is Cham?

Cham is a cultural drink that is also known as Kopi Cham in Malaysia. A combination of coffee and milk tea, where you can taste the flavours of coffee and tea in one cup. Cham is an alternative to your normal brew. And this drink satisfies both coffee and tea lovers. The bitterness of the coffee combined with the subtle fragrance of the tea creates the distinct flavour of kopi cham.

Why are we so unique?

Inclusion of Cocoa Powder

To enhance the flavour, we added the cocoa powder. Everyone is guaranteed to enjoy it.

"Lebih KAW"

Our Cham is very "KAW", allow you to experience the best coffee and tea aromas.

Why you choose us?

When most people wake up in the morning, the first question they ask is, "should I prepare tea or coffee?" This beverage may be able to assist you in resolving that problem. Cham is a coffee-and-milk-tea-based beverage.


If you want to taste both coffee and tea, there is no other way to mix them. We know various unique ways to combine it to create the best flavour you'll love. That is why you should try our new generation of Cham, as it may introduce you to some new flavours of Cham. Who knows, we are the Cham you've been waiting for so long.


You're probably thinking, "I can create my own Cham and customize it to my own preference." However, do you believe you can make Cham daily with the complexity and time commitment involved in today's hectic lifestyle?

To create a Cham, there are several procedures involved. You'll need ingredients, and you'll want to ensure that you've steeped or boiled your tea or coffee for a suitable time to release its flavour and aroma. Obtaining the ideal flavour will be challenging. And most importantly, it is time-consuming. Although it is possible to make your own, why not make use of something that is already prepared? And making this drink takes only less than a minute.

If desired, this beverage may also be served cold.

Are you still thinking as to how to prepare Cham? We will fix your problem with five simple steps. Tear, Empty, Pour, Stir, and Drink. Simple as that. Allow us to fill your home with the aromas of bitter coffee and fragrant tea!

Late to work? Drink Cham!

Looking for wholesale or distribution opportunities? Please contact us if you require any other information.


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